I Want To Be Fit For My Future – Do You?

healthy-girlI always talk about goals I want to make to be healthier but never seem to get around to them. I always marvel at blogs of healthy and fit girls that just seem to glow with happiness. I start to eat healthier or work out more for a few days then always end up getting too busy, getting too lazy, or whatever excuses we all use to opt into watching TV and mindless snacking instead.

If you feel the same as me or are interested in being accountable for your health, comment here! I want to get some other wonderful blog friends to keep me going on my quest for healthier living.

Here are my goals:

1. I want to eat healthier. While I did learn I have a faster than normal metabolism and can eat whatever and not really gain weight as of right now, I know mindless snacking and unhealthy treats all the time aren’t good for me. I know eating healthier would make me feel better.

-I want to eat at least one fruit and one vegetable a day, hopefully more
-I want to eat yogurt every day (I don’t really like other dairy and yogurt helps digestion)
-Keep the intake of salty and sweet snacks down (I tend to crave a lot of sweets and salty snacks, not all bad but I eat way too much of it when I am not even hungry)
-In general, I am not looking to be super strict with what I eat and count calories or anything, but I would like to be more mindful of what I am eating and go for healthier options instead of junk food

2. Do some kind of exercise every day. Often I opt for watching TV when I am bored when I could be doing something more active. I use the excuse that I don’t want to shower and get ready again, or I just ate, or I am too lazy but there are plenty of things to do that aren’t that strenuous.

My favorite ways to exercise (Do something each day!):
-Play tennis
-Bike ride
-Play Wii (Just Dance, Cardio Boxing, Wii Sports, etc.)

Trying to think of more…

3. Stretch! I have back problems that aren’t helped by the amount of time I need to spend on my computer because of work. I know doing stretches will help, along with exercise. I am hoping to stretch each morning.

Now I would like to hear from YOU! Would you be interested in hearing a recap of my day as far as my goals go in addition to my regular posts? Or would that be too much posting from me? I would love to hear your opinions and if anyone would like to join me in my quest for better health! :)

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  1. Lauren; always want to read more of your posts—I also mix up my exercise routine due to my multiple jobs; I teach but I also work HOURS online scoring academic standardized tests, and like you, I write, so we have to mix and match what works for us, and of course, there are always weather considerations.

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