Renowned Expert On Binge Eating Shares Proven Techniques For Conquering Food Cravings

crave-cynthia-bulikClinical psychologist Cynthia M. Bulik is a leading authority on eating disorders such as binge eating disorder. Binge eating is marked by eating an unusually large amount of food and feeling out of control or compelled to eat. Binge eating disorder is less well known than anorexia or bulimia nervosa but is more prevalent. Health professionals estimate 5,250,000 American women and 3,000,000 men suffer from this disorder which has also been called compulsive eating and even food addiction in the past.

Genetic predisposition, brain chemistry, psychology, and cultural pressures increase a person’s susceptibility to binge eating disorder, but bingeing is not inevitable. Crave helps readers understand why they crave specific foods, recognize what triggers their strong urges, and get control over their responses to those triggers. By identifying your Crave-ology profile, you will be able to take charge of your appetite and your urges.

BED is highly treatable; Bulik shares with readers a set of easy-to-implement “curb the crave” techniques that empower patients to triumph over their binge eating. Through the stories of some of these patients – men and women, young and old – and with the guidance of Bulik, readers will develop effective strategies to successfully conquer their cravings and establish healthy eating and activity habits.

Courtesy of Crave.

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  1. Great post—I know many people who suffer from bulemia and / or anorexia.

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