Save A Cow: Choose Non-Dairy Products

sad-cowsTriplets, quadruplets, sextuplets…. babies, babies, babies! What is going on here with all these multiple births?  Artificial insemination. (AI) something that has been used since the 1950’s–for people, that is. But now I’m not talking about humans. I’m talking about cows. Yes, cows that were meant to carry a baby–one baby, and, very rarely, twins. Cows are now giving birth to three to six calves per pregnancy. Per pregnancy! Cows are impregnated over and over and over again throughout their miserable lives. Most dairy farms don’t even have a bull.

Recently, embryo transfer has been used on dairy farms too. This enables the multiplication of progeny from the “elite” cows. These cows are given hormones to produce multiple embryos. The embryos are then flushed from the cow’s uterus, the donating cow, and transferred to surrogate cow mothers. So if seven to twelve embryos are flushed from one cow, a mom will have three to six calves. How can we expect these poor moms to carry all these babies? And these poor moms who are pregnant over and over and over again with multiples, just so we can have ice cream, milk, cheese and yogurt, products that we choose to eat for pleasure? Products that can be made and enjoyed with other types of milk. What’s the point of hurting these cows? I don’t know about you but when I see those dairy goods in markets all I see is suffering and death. Yes, death because calves are a byproduct of a pregnant dairy cow. Dairy farmers don’t want calves; they want milk.

Please, please, please join me and try to cut back on your dairy–it’ll save a mom and save lots of little lives. Thank you. By the way coconut ice cream is so delicious you can’t believe it and almond milk on your cereal is a real treat. Check out the websites below for non-dairy treats!

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  1. Sob–this is tragic and I hope more people learn the truth. Thank you for making ME aware.

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