4 Tips On Keeping Your Jeans The Same Size & Color After Washing

Jeans are an American staple, so it’s no surprise that most of us have a few pairs. While, ‘washes’ change from season to season, like most items in your closet, you would like them to stay in the same condition as when you bought them. To ensure your dark denim doesn’t mysteriously turn to acid wash, use these care instructions on your next laundry day:

1. Turn your jeans inside out. Most important for darker shades of blues, this prevents the ‘wash’ from fading.

2. Button and zip before washing. This helps the ‘fly’ area keep its original shape (i.e. lay flat and not bunch up)

3. Wash in cold water. Cold keeps the color true, while warm water softens your denim and gives it more of a ‘broken in’ feel.

4. Hang dry. Think of the dryer as a last minute option. Depending on the material (if it’s 100% cotton or if there are traces of another fabric such as Lycra), most jeans shrink about a 1/4″ in length.

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