Yoga Pose Of The Month: Ustrasana Camel Pose

Ustrasna—Camel-yoga-PoseWhen done with correct alignment, this heart opener encourages a healthy spine. Recharge your battery and take the courage to go backwards when you practice camel pose.

Flexibility of spine
Strengthens inner thighs
Opens front side of body
Stretches the neck
Builds Courage

*Start kneeling with a block between your knees and your hands on your low back, fingers pointing down. With your hands direct your tailbone down and lift your low belly. Squeeze the block between your knees and keep this contact throughout the entire pose.
*Keeping your tailbone down, squeeze your elbows together and feel your thoracic spine move in as your shoulders roll down.
*Tuck your chin and slowly roll your head backward, releasing your chin towards the ceiling last.
*If you can keep contact with your block and feel no tension in the spine, bring your hands down to your ankles (toes curled under for extra support or flat for a more advanced variation).
*To come up, hands come back to the low back. Your belly and thighs engage to lift you up in one movement. Your head is the last things to lift.
*Be sure to breath during the entire pose. If you stop breathing you have gone too far.

Courtesy of Dare To Be You.

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  1. This is a WOW posture; too strenous for me, though. My neck/shoulders have chronic pain. I think the benefits would be wonderful though.

  2. Hello Allison!

    I love this pic of you in Camel Pose. I was wondering if I could use it in my blog? Linking back here of course. Please let me know if I can’t.

    Thank you!

    • Yes, of course! However, the photo is one of our esteemed yoga teachers and writers, Michelle Ploog! Thank you for the link back! If you would like to submit an article to ASK, let us know! Have a great day – Allison

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