Each Morning Is A Blank Slate

today-is-new-dayStarting out each morning with a blank slate feels good for everyone. We literally have the opportunity everyday to be a new version of ourselves. Although the past creates a valuable discernment in the present, we are able to live a new way each day.

If I begin to focus on yesterdays failures and sorrows, then I am not able to create the world I want for today. It is interesting how that works. Each morning we wake up and immediately identify ourselves. We cling to yesterday’s belief of who we are, how we behave, and what we do. Before we even open our eyes, in an instant we build our entire identity based on the representation of who we were, not who we could be or want to be.

Is it the safety of the familiar that keeps us recreating the same sense of self, or an attempt to control our world by stagnant identification? As if to say that if a person changes one thing about their self then they no longer know who they are. If change occurs than they must relinquish control. By relinquishing control and acknowledging that something bigger than who they are exists, they must succumb to divinity and trust in the process of our miraculous universe. For us humans, especially us Type A’s that want to control everything, surrender and trust are two of our biggest fears.

To surrender to the universe’s process is to allow our life’s mission to move us rather than us trying to control the universe by demanding stagnation. Change is the only thing that remains, everything else changes. By demanding stagnation, or demanding that your world stays the same, you are setting yourself up for struggle because it goes against nature’s evolution. When we finally surrender the protective covering of control, we allow our purpose to flow through us. This is where inspiration is.

As we are in-spirit and connected to the world, miracles surround us. What an amazing thing! If we get out of our own ways, stop creating the same uninspired life each morning, and open ourselves up to the possibility of something greater, it will move through us. We become a vessel for our highest purpose. The modality of expressing this purpose becomes clear too; but most importantly, we become our highest purpose in all of our actions, speech and character. This is the real work we are here for and it starts every morning by opening up your eyes to see a new way of being and to be the change we are looking for. A blank slate each morning is a powerful way to live.

Courtesy of Dare to Be You.

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  1. Michelle; your articles reach out to me all the time and present challenges in my thought processes. I wish I could get out of my own way, sometimes, and fight off self-resistance; it has become easier, in certain aspects, to fall into self-stagnation. You are truly an inspiration.

  2. PS
    I am a type A personality as well as a control freak, but only to myself.

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