“Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot” Book Review & Giveaway

kiss-me-quick-before-i-shoot-book-reviewFor someone who loves movies, getting the chance to review a book about a filmmaker’s behind the scenes journey of Hollywood was a real treat.

In the memoir, Kiss Me Quick, Before I Shoot, it follows Guy Magar’s journey from moving to the United States as an Egyptian immigrant, attending film school, and becoming a film director with a fair share of hilarious pursuits and Hollywood secrets. All leading into the journey of healing the love of his life, his wife Jacqui, as she battles leukemia.

This unique blend of the story of Jacqui’s battle with cancer and how Magar became her caregiver, loving her along this tough time and the behind the scenes look at the making of Hollywood movies is touching, hilarious, and a great read.

Magar is a fantastic storyteller and doesn’t hold back in sharing the cold truths of the industry as well as accounts that probably have never been told outside of Hollywood. Readers get a real chance to see what they will never see about their favorite movies.

You can have a chance to win this book for free: visit Lauren’s Thoughts for more details!

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