Getting Back to Your Workouts

Woman-JoggingGetting back on track isn’t always the easiest thing when it comes to a workout regimen. I know for me, if I take so much as a week off it is hard to get back into the swing of things. If I take three days off jogging, it’s back to square one. If I don’t bike for a week, my thighs burn after my first ride back into it. If I take a week off yoga, after my first class back my whole body feels worn out the next day.

To get back into our workout regimen it takes 3 things: focus, commitment, and compassion. All three are equally important.


This is all about our mindset. Working out is a mental game as well as physical. Our bodies will adapt, but our minds need to be focused on the goal at hand. Whether you are trying to lose ten pounds or run a marathon, you need to be ruthlessly focused on your intention.


Being wishy-washy or a fair-weather sweat-collector simply doesn’t set us up for success. We need to be committed to our goal in order to achieve it. This is again a mental part of the workout. Once we are committed, our bodies will adjust to the demands we put on it. Commitment is saying that I will work everyday at completing the aspiration I have set.


Starting back up requires this last ingredient. Compassion is essential to our success. If we start a workout with an intention that leans toward self-abuse rather than self-love, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Training is a chance to build up to your fullest potential. We don’t start at the top of the mountain; we have to work our way up. Have compassion for your body as you begin again.

Using these three ingredients you can begin again today!

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  1. Yes, and your post came at a perfect moment. I have been committed, focused and diligent, yet all good things come to an end. I should include the word zealous, and in my case, ‘over’ zealous—I have had two nights sleeping with body aches—that equals NO SLEEP—ice bags and heating pad. Several days have passed and I feel as if I need to start at square one. But I’m also not beating myself up; I’m just listening to my body speak to me.

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