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yoga-poseDo you ever feel like you really want to say something, but you hold back because you are afraid of how it may sound or be received? Do you resist the urge to sing out loud or dance when you hear music that moves you? Do you shrink back from asking for or doing something that you want for fear of rejection? Or perhaps you fear a “Yes!” response and the possibility and responsibility of what comes after.

At Baron Baptiste’s Level 2 Teacher Training Bootcamp in May, I thought a lot about why it is that I so quickly nod my head “Yes” to all of the above questions. My intention for my teaching and myself is to break free of these limiting constraints by practicing freedom of powerful self-expression. My holding back, questioning myself and playing it safe has me playing small.

What I learned was that I am not alone in my fears and insecurities. So many of us limit ourselves with our worries about how we look, being right, doing it right and fixing it. I experienced in real-time that the more I was willing to open up and share from my heart, the more I was met with the same from others. Then I asked myself, “Why not? What do I have to lose? There is nothing to fix and there is no perfect. I just need to show up and share.”

To paraphrase Cheryl Richardson, being the “good girl will rob you of your life.” Living that way keeps us within the limiting lines that we’ve drawn for ourselves. It is time to participate fully in your life because you are the creator and sole author. Rather than sitting back and allowing others to write it for you, stand grounded in your truth and live from your heart, not your head.

There is no integrity in speaking from a need to be right, do it right or look good. You’ll never know what you can create or how powerful you are. Now is the time to make the choice to move into something different, to embrace something new, to access the possibilities of opening up into a YES. You have so much to give, so much love to share, so many life experiences to teach from whether you are a teacher or not. Your world needs you to come out and express yourself with no hold-backs. When you share of yourself in a big way, you’ll be amazed to see what comes back to you!

Courtesy of :Bala Vinyasa Yoga – Naples Florida

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  1. As I grow more diligent in my yoga practice, I have begun to feel a sense of empowerment. I had to gauge my yoga routines based upon MY biorythyms, and that solved many of the problems I had been experiencing lately. Certain asanas and postures are good when I wake in the early am, but I now realize more intense stretches and poses are better later in the day when I have more flexibility, and my meditation sessions are giving me more confidence to speak up and embrace myself.

    • Hi Shen – You make an important point in regards to certain postures being more available to us later in the day when our bodies are warm and awake- especially as we age. As a matter of fact I will mention this on “Get Fit” Fox 2 Detroit tomorrow am – my second segment on the show will be” Waking up our bodies and minds first thing in the am with simple sun salutations – taking it slow with basic postures. Thanks for your input!

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