Stop Animal Cruelty This Summer

Stop-Animal-CrueltyEvery day, hundreds of animals are abused. It breaks my heart to think of dogs, cats, and other pets dying of starvation, over-heating, and loneliness.

The summer months are one of the cruelest times for cats, dogs and other animals here in Michigan.


Dogs are chained up outside, left in the sweltering heat, with no clean water for days on end. Families on vacation leave animals behind, with no thought as to how their pets will manage without food or water.

But there is hope for these precious animals! We need your help in saving these helpless animals!

Your Summer Fund Drive gift will provide MHS with much-needed funds to provide food, shelter and medical care during these critical months.


Our furry friends are especially vulnerable during the hot summer months. Please see that they get the care and attention they need by making a gift today.

Thank you,
Cal Morgan
President & CEO
Michigan Humane Society

P.S. Without your help, it will be a cruel summer indeed for animals here in our community! Please make a generous gift today so that vulnerable cats and dogs can get the help they so desperately need.

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