Push Beyond Your Ordinary Push-Up

Exercises using your bodyweight work well but are greatly underutilized. Using gravity as an aid, our bodyweight acts as an outstanding source of resistance we can use to put together effective workouts. Over the years, thousands of people have effectively used push-ups to develop their musclular strength. This happens because press ups effectively develop muscular strength and endurance in the upper body. They help build muscles in your chest, shoulders and triceps group.

The challenge comes when you do simple, regular pushups for long periods. You end up hitting a plateau and your muscles stop developing.In order to avoid this from happening, it’s important to incorporate some push up variations into your training routine. I have put together a list of press up variations you can try that will challenge you in a whole new way. Here are two of them:

The T-Push Up

The T-Pushup is one of the best push up variations I have come across. It’s good because it helps develop balance and shoulder stabilization into the workout routine. Get in your regular pushup position. Explode up (as if you’re trying to push the ground away) and turn your body to one side. If done correctly, you should be balancing on the side of your lower foot and one hand. As you extend the other hand up above you, your body should resemble the letter T. Face forward on your way down and perform the next repetition facing the other side.

The Medicine Ball Push Up

This is one of the other excellent push up modifications to add an element of stabilization and balance into the mix. More importantly, medicine balls provide a greater range of flexion for the exercise. A greater range of motion results in muscles being exposed to more stress and thus more growth. With the addition of a medicine ball, get into your regular press up position. Perform a repetition with one hand on the medicine ball. After the first rep, roll the medicine ball slowly to your opposite hand where you are to perform another repetition. Roll the med ball back and forth throughout your entire set.

Remember that your body adapts quickly. It stagnates when there is lack of change – challenge yourself with new routines and unique push up variations. This will keep your muscles guessing and won’t allow them to adapt easily. My recommendation is to change things up at least every two weeks.

If you’re after more unique modifications, you can check out this comprehensive list of push up variations.

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