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michiganders-for-shelter-petsMichiganders for Shelters Pets was created to help bring together Michigan voters, animal shelters, animal protection organizations, businesses and professionals in a coordinated effort to advance the welfare of Michigan shelter pets. This is not a lobbying organization; instead, it is a coalition to bring Michiganders together for a common purpose.

Michiganders for Shelters Pets is not a nonprofit organization, but is a coalition of concerned Michiganders who want to help shelters and the animals in their care. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of homeless pets and to work collaboratively with Michigan shelters.

For 2011, our primary goals include assisting with efforts to ban gas chamber euthanasia and pound seizure in Michigan shelters. Additional animal protection goals may be added in the future.

Everyone is welcome to join Michiganders for Shelter Pets and our 2011 efforts. Please join our efforts by signing on as a citizen advocate or a professional advocate.

Click here to become a citizen advocate!

Click here to become a professional advocate (for animal shelters, animal protection groups, businesses, and veterinarians)!


Koda-lawsEnding Pound Seizure — “Koda’s Law”

Pound Seizure is the practice of shelters selling or giving cats and dogs to research facilities, universities or U.S.D.A. Class B dealers for purposes of experimentation and research. We do not believe that shelters should be open to the research industry and, instead, should be a safe temporary sanctuary for animals.

Grants-bills Ending Gas Chamber Euthanasia — “Grant’s Bills”

SB 423 and SB 424 were introduced June 9th, 2011. Gas Chamber euthanasia involves euthanizing shelter pets with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. Since veterinary clinics in Michigan do not euthanize family pets with gas, we believe that shelter pets deserve the same care.

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Courtesy of Voiceless Michigan.

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