Commit to Growth and Challenge Yourself with Every Opportunity

bala-vinyasa-yogaIt never ceases to amaze me that although I have arrived in so many aspects of my life, I am never finished.  I have come to peace with the reality that my work won’t be done and I won’t be finished until I am dead, yet I still get excited when I complete a task or when a big project at the studio is launched. Then, low and behold, there is always another one brewing.  Right when I think “Whew, that is done, I can take a break,” sure enough another opportunity is presented that challenges me and propels me to the next level.  Still waters breed disease, and to flow with the currents of life and to keep growing, I need to face my fears, insecurities and be a YES by taking life and all its challenges fully head-on.

I can remember how nervous I was for my first Baptiste yoga trainings and classes that I taught.  Although sometimes I still get nervous, it comes with much more ease.  Facing the challenges of opening the studio and all that it takes to create a business that thrives is like jumping one hurdle after the other.  Every new program we have launched seems to be equally challenging, yet we continually grow and each one is bigger.  Now we are exploring expanding into Miami!  I could say “No” out of fear that I may fail or I can truly be a “Yes” and trust that I am ready.  I choose that I am ready now.

At my last training with Baron, he said that in order to have a future of extraordinary accomplishments you must have a transformation in your relationship to risk, fear and failure.  This is being someone who makes things happen that weren’t going to happen anyway.  This has been my mantra for the past five months.

I have been given so many extraordinary opportunities through Baptiste Power Yoga Institute that continually catapult me out of my comfort zone, such as teaching at the White House, attending advanced trainings, teaching at Baron’s Boston studios, being one of several senior teachers leading the global Digital 40 Days (Debi has also contributed a 90 min power yoga podcast) and teaching at the Yoga Journal Conference Baptiste Power Flow Immersion in Estes Park, Colorado.  I am honored to be a part of these amazing events and I invite you to participate with Baron, other senior Baptiste teachers and me and to be a part of the Baptiste global community in a big way.

All of these events, though super-exciting, if I allow myself to get caught up in the storytelling of my head, have me shaking in my bare feet.  But, when I move beyond the butterflies in my stomach, and transform my relationship to the fear I am feeling and my old ideas of what failure is, I just do it!  I am committed to continually grow and expand my greatest self, live from my heart and share who I am fully with the world.

Be curious as to why not take a risk NOW?  The more you do, the more you will grow and the more the universe will take a risk on your behalf and open the doors of opportunity to express your greatest self and live fully.

Shine Super Bright ~ the world needs you to!

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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