Greener By The Minute: Go Green In This Beautiful Weather!

Going-GreenDid you know that the air inside your home is probably more polluted than the air outside? The average home contains 62 toxic chemicals swirling around and comfortably settling in your carpet, on your pillow, and on your toothbrush. Clear out the chemicals with condiments from your pantry. (Reprinted from

1. Cheap and Easy Pantry Ingredients! If you want a really easy, inexpensive, and all-natural way to get clean this Spring, make your own cleaning products using white vinegar, salt, oil, and water. Pull them out and lets get started!

2. Get Rid of Dryer Sheets. Dryer Sheets are made from toxic synthetic chemicals that are not safe to use on clothing. And you definitely don’t want them touching your skin! Clothes should never be washed or dried in chemicals. Use natural alternatives that you can actually make with vinegar. There are a slew of natural clothing detergents and dryer sheets. Try Seventh Generation, Whole Foods 356 Brand, or Mrs. Meyers.

3. Whiten Naturally. We all want white teeth. Thankfully you don’t have to fill your mouth with dangerous bleaching agents in order to obtain that pearly finish. Whiten your teeth naturally without the use of chemicals by mixing 1 ripe strawberry with 1 tsp baking soda. Spread the pinkish paste on your teeth and leave for 5 minutes.

4. Forget about Antibacterial Soap. Antibacterial soap is a toxic cocktail of chemicals designed to kill. It also harms people, especially children, who should be trying to build up a healthy immune system. Use natural soap or make your own all-natural essential oil antibacterial concoctions and let your child’s immune system fight off the bacteria itself- that’s what it is meant to do. You are making a big mistake if you try to turn your home germ free.

5. Get Pretty with Homemade Beauty Products. Women absorb up to 5lbs of makeup chemicals every year. Many “anti-aging” creams may actually be doing the opposite thanks to chemicals and hydrogenated oils that pack a heavy-handed punch. Instead, choose products made with organic ingredients and save money by slathering your skin with homemade skincare and age erasers: olive oil or coconut oil. Both are amazing moisturizers that do wonders for your skin if applied just before bed time.

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