7 Ways To Look Better In The Dressing Room

Women-in-dressing-roomRemember the shape changing mirrors you laughed at as a kid during a carnival? You would think retailers would create something similar, only to make everyone look their absolute hottest. After all, the point of trying something on is to confirm if you look good in it, then buy it.

Since that doesn’t exist, we have all suffered at some point inside a dressing room. The florescent lights, the super close mirrors, the complete nonsense you overhear from the women alongside you. The dressing room can be a scary place.

But almost always you must ‘try before you buy.’ It will save you an otherwise annoying, time-consuming trip of returns and confirm if that style is right for you. Knowing this will be extremely helpful on future shopping endeavors. Once you have physically seen how you look in a particular style, you are then able to shop online (if you prefer) for the types of clothing that you know ‘works’ for you.

To like the way you look in the dressing room, try these tips:

1. Wear makeup: Regardless of if you are trying on a pair of shorts or a cocktail dress, having a little dose of color or illuminating makeup instantly helps you see yourself more positively. If you go into a room feeling tired and looking tired, you will be prone to respond more negatively. The ‘full face’ isn’t a requirement here, just a little bit of something that makes you feel more put together. (Think: if you ran into X person, would you want to hide/avoid him or her?)

2. Wear better underwear: How can you possibly tell if that top fits correctly if you are wearing a sports bra when you try it on? It’s also quite disheartening to view your backside when your underwear is bunching up and visually creating bulk. Yes, yes, we know you tell yourself, ‘well, I’ll be wearing different underwear, a padded bra, double-sided tape, Spanx’ and so on, we get it. Make is easier on yourself (esteem) and show up in your non-embarrassing undergarments.

3. Bring/wear heels. You might never wear a pair while in that bathing suit, but heels give you that extra lift that makes you look taller (lean) and feel sexier. You aren’t fooling yourself; you are just pulling out the tricks to counter-act that horribly (dim or bright) lighting in the changing room. This is also ideal if you are trying to match clothes to a specific pair of shoes. Don’t rely solely on your memory. Again, a little bit of effort upfront, saves you so much time and frustration in the future.

4. Wear clothes that are quick & easy to remove. Button-down shirts, lots of layers, belts, laces–while your ensemble may be adorable, the more work you have to do to get in and out of it, the quicker you will become frustrated with trying on clothes and the more likely you are to call it quits (and possibly buy something without trying it on…and possibly have to return it after you’ve gotten home and tried it on.) Also, a lot of on and off means messy/static-y hair and one hot and bothered woman!

5. Keep up with your maintenance. Lotion up those legs! Again, a simple ‘to-do’ and easily forgotten. When you’re starring into the mirror pondering what you think, flaky skin can immediately distract you from the real question. Instead of focusing on how badly you need cream or the fact that you can’t remember when you shaved last, figure out if you like what you have on, instead!

6. Bring 2 sizes and always try the larger one on first. It’s better for the psyche and eliminates the need to ask the sales associate for a different size. It’s efficient.

7. Take a picture. If you are on the fence about an item, take a picture of yourself in it. This eliminates the need to make an immediate decision and allows you to take a break and view how it looked, later. With anything you do, putting it aside and coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes always helps you see more clearly.

In a nut shell, try to look more like you are meeting your friend for dinner versus just leaving a yoga class. It may sound unrealistic and like too much hassle, especially if you are ‘running into’ a shop to find something to wear. But that’s something we’re trying to do less of–last minute outfits, feeling underprepared and therefore, not as confident and gorgeous as we should when we walk out the door. Some things in life are scheduled, some aren’t. Let’s try to minimize the chaos in life by making what you wear a positive piece of your life. You can’t control how others feel, act or react, but your attitude is up to you.

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