Why You Should Switch To Organic Wine

organic-wineDo you drink wine? There are many health benefits to drinking wine. It’s full of antioxidants. Red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also reduce the risk of certain cancers and slow progression of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

All of these benefits are truly wonderful. However, organic wine may offer more benefits than your standard bottle.

1. Standard wines are grown with pesticides. Organic wines are not. They’re free from pesticides and therefore your wine is free from pesticides. It tastes better and is better for you.

2. Pesticide free also means that pesticides are not put into the soil and our water supply. Organic wines are better for the environment.

3. Standard wines can have additives in them. Organic wines are free from additives. They’re also simply processed. All you get is the simple pleasure of good glass of wine.

4. No sulfites. Organic wines do not contain sulfites. They cannot if they want to be classified as organic. Many people are sensitive or allergic to sulfites. The absence of them means more people can drink wine without side effects.

5. Organic wines tend to be grown by smaller farmers. When you drink organic wine you’re supporting smaller farmers and local business.

6. Availability. Due to demand and biodynamic farming improvements more and more organic wines are available. This means you have more options at your local wine stores and restaurants. Biodynamic farming is the process of balancing the soil, the animals, and even the stars to take advantage of all the environment’s resources. It uses compost and manure rather than chemicals to feed and nurture the vines.

7. Finally, consider drinking organic wine because it simply tastes better than many other standard non-organic wines. You don’t have any chemical tastes or additives or extra packaging. You’re getting a simple straight forward bottle of wine. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you. Many organically grown wines are quite sophisticated. Biodynamic farming has been around for decades. Organic vineyards are popping up around the globe. That means more variety for you.

If you enjoy a good glass of wine from time to time consider organic wine. It’s good for your health. There are fewer allergens. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for small business and farms. And ultimately it just plain tastes superior.

Courtesy of Natural Mom’s Blog.

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