You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Thanks Mom

I was killing some time in a gift shop and You Can’t Always Get What You Want buzzed overhead. I like the Rolling Stones, but I don’t love that song. It reminds me of when I was little. Somehow I have several memories of me pleading with my mom for something (McDonalds Happy Meal toy?) and ironically, at least it seemed, that song was conveniently on. She’d turn it up, sing along, taking pleasure specifically out of the ‘angel part’ which drove me insane. At least that’s what I remember. I should really call my brother to confirm.

Minutes after hearing this oldie, I learned that the pouf I had been pining for from the Calypso St. Bart line at Target was sold out. Before I go any further, yes, I did just say ‘pining for’ and referenced something from Target…and I did say ‘pouf.’ I feel like such a dork for uttering those words, but it’s true. Do you know this little piece of decor was sold out, two days after launching? And it didn’t even make it to most stores in my area.


Why did I want it? Well, I’ve wanted this ottoman type furniture for quite some time, but haven’t gotten around to pulling the trigger. This one was the perfect color gold and for much less than I’ve seen at interior design shops. I read the only review online and the woman stated that she saw other women putting three at a time in their carts–she was glad she snagged the last one. Yes, this was my Tickle Me Elmo.


Has this ever happened to you; something you’ve had your eye on becomes sold out? You kick yourself for not jumping on it and of course, seem to want it even more now since you can’t have it. Why is the unavailable always the most desirable?

Just like a crush that didn’t work out, you’ll find something else that works for you. Did you imagine that handbag becoming your everyday bag–complimenting so many outfits? Would that jacket have been your ‘go-to’ helping you transition from fall to winter and back again?

Instead of being mad at yourself, my advice is to ‘jump on it.’ That covers most everything–in work, life and your wardrobe. Not everything is urgent, but not everything will wait around for you either. My aunt once told me that she ‘never regretted the things she did, only the things she didn’t do.’ I know that seems pretty deep in reference to something you see on eBay, but I think it’s worth remembering the next time you want to put something off…because you know, you can’t always get what you want. (But if you try sometimes, you find, you get what you need.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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