What Are We Doing to Heal Our Environment?

Honoring Mother Earth

What are we doing to heal our environment? Have you ever taken notice of how many people actually take advantage of the earth? How many of us really appreciate and understand the value of nature? Of course we like the sunshine and the beauty of nature but do we really know how to love and appreciate these gifts? Part of appreciating Mother Earth is understanding her ups and downs; such as storms, fires, destruction, and so on. Does this sound familiar when compared to a personality? We are full of ups and downs, one day fiery and the other emotional and other times very hateful. We are parallel with the nature. Start by living simply and flavoring it with pure love. Tune your hearts in to the harmony of the universe, give love to all land and surrender to the environment. The environment is all we really have, it is you and me.

Our survival is dependent on the realization that Mother Earth is a holy being; that all things in the world are not to be violated and that a big part of it is loving each other, loving thy neighbor.

Part of caring for Mother Earth is not only loving and respecting all humans but also being environmentally conscious. I have read that some places play the politics game and keep the environment dirty on purpose. They are not only disrespecting the earth, but also themselves and those around them. They are not living in the consciousness of evolution.

Without the earth we are nothing. We must think of the earth as a living being, as one of us. When we think this way we are related to all things living. For those of us on the quest to freedom, peace and greater spirituality, we will be far more successful when we take in the collectiveness of the earth, as Native Americans do. The Native Americans hold the sun, earth, moon and all living beings sacred in their spirituality; they have a full understanding that without them humans could not be. They believe that as we walk the earth we are walking upon a living being more similar to ourselves than we can imagine. Like humans, the earth has a physical and energetic body. It has an emotional sense as well, as when the weathers turn on us. The earth is my friend; maybe the only real friend I have, the only friend that I come in contact with everyday and the only one who loves me. This is how I feel about Mother Earth.

The global culture of earth and nature is one of the spirit and it is crucial that we awaken our hearts to this new evolution. Sometimes it gets looked upon as something that is just a spiritual thing, but we thank those who are activists in getting the word out.

A good way to begin healing the planet is to heal those people around you. Just accept people as they are and remove the conflict from your soul. Focus some of your energy on healing the earth and see how you begin to heal. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “let nature take its course”. It simply means to invite Mother Earth in and you will see.

As part of an effort in learning to love nature, I’ve discovered a special event happening in Santa Monica on Sept 22 called “Tree Hugging Day”. Yes, let us all get out there and make love to those gorgeous trees that give us so much security and serenity. When we show appreciation for trees, we also are saying how much we love ourselves. Find out more www.treehuggingday.com So how will you take steps in honoring Mother Earth? It should be easy since it is all around you.

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