Look Out: Spring Fashion Is HOT!

I know given the current climate we should be discussing how to look your best under that parka or where to find the coziest of sweaters…but for some reason, my inspiration board this month is filled with wide brimmed hats, long dresses and colored heels!  They say that the biggest high comes not from actually being on a trip, but from preparing for it. The planning and anticipation is what gets one through the not-so-great days. Why then, should your clothes be any different? Don’t look at it as a teaser; instead, use visualizing your spring wardrobe as that extra boost you need especially during these months of near isolation!

What’s ahead for spring? Obviously, per the usual summer ensemble, lots of color. Specifically speaking, orange. Pattern mixing is also a fresh way to get dressed. Leopard with polka dot, swirls with florals–pair complimentary colors and run with wild prints! Substitute long skirts and dresses for the minis of seasons’ past. Wide sleeved and billowy tops prevail along with halter styles. Pants are wide-legged and high waisted.

Since simply listing what’s ‘next’ isn’t original and doesn’t help you look your best, let’s take a few spring trends and interpret who they are ideal for and how to wear them.

High-waisted trousers: This pant style visually elongates your appearance. Therefore if you have short legs and a long torso, snag a pair of these! Because your torso is long, you can spare to have it look shortened. If you have a short torso, avoid this style as it cuts down your length. Read: you risk the ‘boobs then belt’ look. Lengthen your torso so that you look balanced with a lower waist style pant–but feel free to embrace the flared hems!

Wide-legged trousers: If not in a high-waisted style, these will make you look shorter, so long legged women, go for it! If you have shorter legs, then make sure to always pair these pants with heels, ideally a shoe with some substance such as a wedge, platform or the new-for-spring term, flatform.

marc jacobs-spring-fashion-halter-tops-dressesHalter tops & dresses: Broad shouldered ladies typically have a tough time finding tops that fit them. Usually they reach for sizes that fit in the shoulders, but by default, end up being too big in the waist–resulting in a boxy look. Halter styles however, break up the space and are ideal for broad shoulders.

Long earrings: Earrings light up your face. To ensure you are drawing positive attention, remember, once again, ‘opposites attract.’ If you have a round shape, avoid large round earrings; your face will look more round. Counteract your shape by wearing angular designs that can slim a full face. Likewise, round styles and hoops are best for a rectangular and square faces. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top are the best compliment to a heart-shaped face. Anything goes with an oval face shape.

Long necks: Longer earrings will shortened your neck. Go for it!

Short necks: Elongate your neck with a longer necklace. Avoid chokers or heavily beaded styles.

Now, so that next season doesn’t sneak up on you, prep for spring by taking inventory of your clothes. Take a look at your strappy heels, wedges and sandals. It’s easy to glance in your closet without really evaluating what’s in there. Are your shoes scuffed, flip flops worn down? Make note of what needs replacing. Also make sure all those items taking up shelf space fit. Can you breathe new life into pieces you already own? Put the skinny jeans and leggings aside and bring out the flared pairs.

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