“What’s For Fitness Today?” – Our 30 Day April Challenge Recap!

happy-womanFor the month of April, we brought you a tip every day to help you look AND feel your best! We hope that we inspired and motivated you with our mix of fitness and workout tips and inner wellness guidance. Feel free to come back to this post and read articles again when you need a little boost or inspiration. We want you to love yourself and become the person you’ve always wanted to be – inside and out! We’ve compiled a list of all 30 of our articles in case you missed any – enjoy and have a happy start to the month of May!

April 30 Day Challenge – “What’s For Fitness Today?”:

Please remember: You can do this; all of it! Even if you feel fear or hesitation – do it anyway!  Being Happy and Fit For Your Future is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself!  With love – Allison

#1 – Take the Stairs!

#2 – Wear a pedometer everyday

#3 – Read “The Four Agreements”

#4 – Do some pushups!

#5 – Use exercise to heal your self-image

#6 – Feel the love in your bum and thighs

#7 – Be your own cheerleader

#8 – Skipping for joy!

#9 – Be the person you always wanted to be

#10 – Rest, relax, rejoice in your choice

#11 – Doing things for others makes you feel good too

#12 – Kundalini to Strengthen, Sculpt & Move Your Arms & Energy Today!

#13 – Find true joy in your life

#14 – Would you ever write yourself a letter?

#15 – Know your past and embrace your future

#16 – Prepare yourself for a day of being a goddess

#17 – Day of self-indulgence

#18 – MOVE for 10 minutes or more today

#19 – Forgive others and be positive

#20 – Try a fun and educational game: SyZyGy!

#21 – Get up and moving IN BED! 5 Minute wake-up work-out

#22 – Celebrate Earth Day!

#23 – Celebrate more Earth Day fun

#24 – Have your perfect day!

#25 – Moving in a NEW direction

#26 – Recognize what is abuse/assault to help yourself and others

#27 – Healthy Aging Cheat Sheet for a healthy future

#28 – Learn positive communication

#29 – You hold the key for happiness!

#30 – Enjoy our 30 Day April Challenge recap!

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