The Power of Integrity

yoga-kiersten-mooneyI continue to be blown away by the powerful transformational process that Baptiste Power Yoga Institute (BPYI) offers.  I am always empowered to do more than I see possible for myself and am given the pathways of action to share powerfully with others.

Going into this training I was committed to seeing what I don’t see in myself.  We all have blind spots, which are places that we can’t see and don’t even know we can’t see them.  This is where we are closed, and where we are closed is where our greatest personal transformation occurs, but we must be willing to be in the game.  When we are in the game of new possibilities for expansion of self and community, we commit to living at a risk and sharing with generosity.

It is like doing a yoga pose that you never thought you could do for the first time.  It lights you up, but you must be willing to take a risk on your mat and be willing to face your fear of falling or feeling like a failure.  It’s the same with personal transformation.  Transformation requires us to share with honesty and to be open to listen to others’ feedback of us.  It is essential to know how we are leaving people feeling, because all the knowledge in the world doesn’t matter if our words are not landing in the hearts of others.

This process of transformation occurs powerfully in the moment and transcends any past.  All of our growth and transformation happens in the now moment.  In order to see what we don’t see and to be open to new possibilities, we need to let go of our limiting perspective of the future based on what happened in the past.  No matter how far we have gone down a wrong path we can always come back and, in the moment, recover.

Through this training I realized that my highest intention for what I am creating in my life was not always supported by the actions I was generating, and thus lacked integrity.  At the training Baron shared a consistent theme, “without integrity there is no power.”  Everything that happens in your world is your result.  This teaching tool alone has transformed my teaching and point of view.  I was challenged to see beyond my limiting points of view of others and I had the opportunity to experience what limiting points of view others have of me.  When we communicate through our limiting views we lack integrity, and therefore we lack power.

Living a life of integrity in action is contributing for the highest good to inspire and empower, to live from your heart, and to show up every moment with the intention of leaving others with their greatness.

Live at a risk on behalf of making things happen in your life and in your world to create a future of extraordinary accomplishments!

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

© Copyright 2011  Allison Stuart Kaplan LLC

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