What’s For Fitness? Tip #29 Show Up For Your Life – You Hold The Key To Happiness!!

girl-doing-yoga-bala-vinyasaMy Dad says “if it weren’t one thing after another it wouldn’t be life.”  It is so true; it is always something isn’t it? The practice of yoga is a tool that teaches us that it isn’t what is happening around us or even inside of us that matters, but how we are being in every moment that is important. Yoga is about creating consciousness to become aware of what is really going on, not what we are constantly creating in our heads. Choosing how we want to show up in our life and actually doing it is what ultimately brings us peace, joy, freedom and long-term happiness. Whether you are driving to work, doing your job, washing dishes, communicating with your kids or spouse, it is the intention that you bring forth while doing these acts that most impacts others and how you feel within.

So many of us go about our daily tasks and interact with others unconsciously, unaware of what is truly going on with them or us. We are so caught up in the internal dialogue in our mind and we make everything out to be such a big deal. Loretta La Roche says “we catastrophise the mundane.” Our to do list is more of a priority than truly being present for what we are doing. We behave habitually, striving to complete our daily routine, believing that it is what holds our life together, but in fact, it is out of fear that we will lose control.

For example, we exercise or count calories obsessively for fear of getting fat, or we work ceaselessly for fear of not having enough, or we chose not live out our passion because we fear failure. We pack our day full of stuff, busyness and thoughts that have us living in self-created imprisonments.

When we take our seat as the conscious observer, we begin to objectively see our thoughts, emotions, and the events of our life as objects outside of ourselves and not as who we are. We recognize that it is the significance we place on these things that causes us dis-ease and unhappiness. As long as we are alive, thoughts, emotions, and events will come and go. When we begin to see life as living each experience as it comes and not as the falsities of our mind, we wake up to the imprisonments of our self-defeating, limiting and tiring behaviors and struggles. We have placed ourselves behind bars, but the truth is we’ve been holding the key to the way out all along.

You can choose to do the dishes with resentment and anger as easily as with joy and peace. Wake up to the life that you are living because you possess the key to create the life that you really want. How you are being when doing anything is everything.

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  1. This is so true, and I am guilty of extreme ‘busyness; bustling from one obligation to another. I also realize it’s harmful, and I constanly hold an inner dialogue with myself. I have been creating this ‘self-imprisonment,’ so now I will try to be the ‘conscious observer.’ Reading this post today was definitely serendipitous. thank you Kierstin!!!!!

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