Greener By The Minute: Be A “Green” Traveler

GO-GREEN-TRAVELWe all know we need to make sustainability part of our lifestyles, and vacations are no exception. Trouble is, aren’t vacations meant to be more fun than that? Aren’t they supposed to be a chance to escape from the problems of the world and enjoy life?

But you can do both. We are always told what we can’t do, so how about what we can do? Here is our alternative guide to green travel:

1. Avoid compromise. Quality of experience and value for money are top of your list, and so they should be. That doesn’t have to be at the expense of sustainability — options exist that combine them all.

2. Explore. Take a bike, a horse or even walk to explore the place. It’s so much better than being carted around in a bus or jeep. See more, hear more, meet more people, get better photos, come back healthier.

3. Fly (sometimes). We aren’t often told this, but just by being there you can be part of the solution. Great news, but only if you choose wisely. Be sure your money is staying in the communities you visit and going towards environmental conservation. If it isn’t, see #4.

4. Think outside the box. There are some amazing experiences to be had closer to home. Surprise yourself, make the journey part of the experience, and avoid the jetlag!

5. Be a local. Who knows the best spots, the best places to eat, the coolest bars? The locals. Spending your time and money with locally run accommodations, tour operators, restaurants and shops = better trips, and better for the communities you visit too.

6. Take your good habits with you. If you recycle, conserve water, buy local produce, avoid plastic bags, reuse bottles and turn off your lights at home, why do it different on holiday? It is just as easy and possibly even more important.

7. Come back with even better ones.
The world is a beautiful place. Get out and enjoy it, and we will put money on you coming back even more determined to protect it. A good place to start is – collecting the adventure world’s favorite local accommodations, guides, tours and holidays in one place, where you can find and contact them direct. Its a uniquely free, fair and independent resource that unearths travel choices you won’t find anywhere else; is designed to support small ethical operators, not-for-profits and community tourism; and is increasingly shaped by the adventure community themselves.

Courtesy of The Daily Green.

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