A Storyboard Inspired By Music

Many things contributed to me wanting to write about this topic: hearing my favorite song from junior high on the radio, tonight’s debut of The Voice, being introduced to a new band from a friend who’s really into music and so on.

If you have roommates, think about how much fun it is to put on a playlist while you ‘get ready’ for the night. If you live alone or with your significant other, then remember for a moment, how certain songs (and a self-made vodka concoction) can put you in a certain mood. Music has such a big impact on our attitude and therefore, what we wear. Whether you are streaming Pandora, driving in your car or gearing up for a workout, the music we choose around us affects how we feel.

I had this idea that I’d show how a song has a certain vibe to it and how I interpreted that in clothes. Well, that was more challenging than I thought it would be. Finding the pictures I had envisioned was tricky and then pasting them to make sense…Below is my attempt at this. The point: this song makes me think of being around old and new friends–specifically at night, possibly in the summer, potentially at a cottage, on a boat (the fire would be nearby?).

I love clothes. But sometimes, it doesn’t get any better than a great fitting (and comfortable) pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe one that says I heart U from Topshop…? I’m trying here…Good-Old-War

Bracelet, Flip Flops

And an opposite mood: Britney!
I tried to pick things one would really wear…when dancing her face off. The leather pants are a stretch… Notice how they are all waiting to get in to this rager–and the set of quadruplets? Ha. C’mon you know Shopbop essentially rotates 3 models for all their photos. :)

Brittany Spears

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