What’s For Fitness? Our Final Week! Tip# 25 – Moving In A NEW Direction!

Moving-People-Dance-Class-woman-exercising-workout-stretchingToday begins our final week of “What’s For Fitness.”  Six more days of tips offered to inspire and empower you to live your happiest and healthiest life possible! How are we doing so far? More importantly, how are you doing?

My tip for you today is all about “moving” in a new direction!  Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, take a good hard listen! Then put the words into thoughts and the thoughts into action! Keep in mind that we tend to become our thoughts.

Moving in a new direction simply put means: See, feel and think from a different perspective! Move your body in ways that encourage you to feel muscles you haven’t felt before. Move your limbs, bend and stretch differently than what your body is accustomed to doing everyday.  Get out of your workout and thinking “box” for a healthy change! This will energize every part of your being. If today is not possible then make a commitment to try something new another day this week!  I must say that I’d be hard pressed to believe that you don’t have time to walk backwards for a just few minutes today.

Here are a few suggestions:

Walk backwards today! Pay attention and feel the different muscles that come into play. This simple backward movement will enhance muscular balance and strength which is necessary to reduce the risk of injury to you body. Your butt and thighs will respond with gratitude – I promise. Concerned about calorie burn? This will do the trick. Whenever you push your body to perform differently the physical demand is increased and new muscle fibers ignite. This requires more energy out put = more calories burned!

Bonus: Walking backwards will also improve self confidence and body awareness! Gotta love it!

Do something different today! Today is Monday and like most of us, you will probably repeat the same workout as many Monday’s before. Yes, this is great, but it’s also important to “change it up” from time to time. Instead of the same walk, run or fitness class… check out the yoga, pilates, ballet, Zumba or swim class that tantalizes you. Imagine how uplifting it will feel to actually do it! If you are dead set on your regular Monday morning walk at least do this: get in your car and drive a short distance to a new neighborhood or nature area for a change of scenery and terrain. Take your dog or girlfriend along. They will also enjoy the change in routine!

Have you used your pedometer yet?

You know that neat little mini-motivater that hooks on to your belt and tracks the number of steps you take each day. I’ll tell you again. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight,  maintain your weight and reduce your risk for many diseases. If you haven’t purchased a pedometer yet, please get it done!

I took my own advice today. I attended a yoga class at the facility where I swim on Sunday mornings; something I have never done yet have often considered. I’m so happy that I stepped out of my own little box today because now I have something wonderful and new to excite and motivate me. Walking to my car I wondered, “what took me so long?” Yes, I too need inspiration!

Be happy and fit for your future with healthy change! You can do this!

With love – Allison

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