Should You Be Using Organic Deodorant?

deodorants-without-aluminumWe all use deodorant (or at least, we should be). But are the ingredients in your favorite, tried and true deodorant hurting you? What is organic deodorant anyway and how is it any different than Secret or Dove brand? There are a few differences in organic versus regular deodorant. Organic deodorant sold at local organic markets such as Plum Markets, Whole Food Markets, and Trader Joe’s target bacteria that causes odor instead of using aluminum to stop sweat in it’s tracks.

The reason that aluminum is concerning in your deodorant is that aluminum is a neurotoxin and has been linked to DNA damage, harmful effects to the blood brain barrier, and may cause Alzheimer’s disease.

We took a look at a popular organic brand, Tom’s to see just what is in their “natural and long-lasting” deodorant roll-on. No aluminum to be found. Yet one ingredient, called propylene glycol, doesn’t seem any better. It has also been shown to seep into your skin and cause nasty side effects like skin, liver, and kidney damage.

Another problem with using organic deodorant is that unlike your regular antiperspirant, it does nothing to stop sweating. Don’t get us wrong, sweating is good – it is your body’s way of ridding yourself of toxins and you need to sweat. But you probably don’t want constant sweat stains on your shirt or to feel uncomfortable, especially in the sweltering summer heat. Organic deodorants only work to fight odor from bacteria, so you will smell fresh but you might be pretty sweaty.

Yet there are some organic deodorants out there that do not contain propylene glycol or any ingredients that may be chemically harmful. So perhaps this battle of organic vs. chemical deodorants needs to be left to the individual. If you find you don’t sweat much and just want something for odor and are worried about chemical intake in your body, try an organic version. You may have to try a few before you find one that you really like that works for you. If you find you sweat more than normal or simply love your deodorant, keep it. Check out the ingredients and compare versions to find the healthiest possible brand.

Yet if you’re still dying for a chemical free alternative that fights odor AND wetness, we found a brand that claims to fight all three. Bumble & Bee Organics has organic deodorant that using natural ingredients to stop odor, but also has arrowroot powder to stop perspiration naturally. For around $9.85 a stick, it runs a bit pricier, but it may be worth a try if you’re very passionate about organic products!

Let us know – do you swear by organic deodorant or stick by your old Secret brand?

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