What’s For Fitness? Tip #21 Get Up And Get Moving (In Bed)! Your 5 Minute Wake-Up Workout!

stretch_in_bed-wake-up-gently-muscle-soreness-stiffness-reliefGood Morning Wake-Up Routine: Guaranteed to Energize Your Body, Mind  & Spirit For A Joyful And Productive Day Ahead!

Your alarm goes off. Ugh! You’ve hit the snooze button and buried yourself under pillows and other soft comforts, contemplating the inevitable reality that you have to leave this womb. But – you promised yourself that you’d pop out of bed early today and head to the gym or at least to the floor for a few pushups and crunches. Instead, you hit the snooze button for five more minutes of slumbering bliss; dreaming of donuts, coffee and Good Morning America. Anything but exercise! Now what?

Ta Da! Don’t despair; hope and inspiration is everywhere! Here’s  a simple 5 to 10-minute morning routine that will gently energize you and revamp your outlook on the day. And the best part is, you can stay cozy with your covers while getting started!

Breathe – a little deeper. Breathing is easy, since you’re doing it anyway. Focus on taking a few deep breaths. Breathe in slowly from your nose and relax as your exhale, letting the breath slide out of your body.

Wiggle your toes. Slightly at first, then work this into flexing and extending them, moving them side to side and in circles. This simple process is not only a warm-up for your feet.  Did you know that jumping out of bed first thing in the morning is one of the harshest things you can do to your body, but it primarily affects the feet. If everyone practiced this simple exericise,  painful maladies like plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis woes would be far less common.

Do the same with your hands. Open and close them easily, working up to stretching your fingers as far as they can go. This is even more vital if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud’s or arthritis.

Next, like a cat, move your arms and feet as far apart as they can go in a full body stretch. Tense your body, then relax it. Repeat a few times. This will open up your lungs and you’ll begin to lubricate your connective tissues and bring blood to your muscles and joints.

Still under the covers, lie on your back and slide your knees up. Give your knees a gentle hug, then drop them to one side. This easy spinal rotation will gently stretch your back, hips and spine. Repeat on the other side.

Sit up on the edge of the bed and let your feet dangle. Extend one leg at a time; again, flexing and pointing your feet. Do this for a minute or two.

Reach your arms over your head and drink in a deep morning breath – exhale slowly and completely. Follow with a few shoulder rolls, front and back. Beautiful!

You’re now ready to get out of bed. As your feet touch the floor they’ll be warm and ready to bear the weight of your body. Your breathing will be more pronounced and standing will be easier, especially if you’re stiff and sore. While the feeling will be subtle, each movement should feel less restricted.

Now, was that so bad? I bet it felt really good. Making this simple  morning routine a habit will bring; happy feet and joy and inspiration to your day. You can do this!

Be Happy…Be Fit For Your Future!

With love- Allison

© 2011 Copyright   Allison Stuart Kaplan  www.Askinyourface.com LLC

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