Greener By The Minute: Eco-Friendly & Romantic Dates

bicycle-date-for-two-peopleBored with the same ‘ole dates you’re going on with your sweetie? Always excited about new eco-friendly and organic products and ideas? You are probably itching to find some date ideas that are also good for you friend, The Environment. So grab your loved one or just a friend and embark on a new adventure – without hurting Mother Earth.

1. Take a bike-riding tour. Plan a few hours to ride bikes around your town, at a local park, or down a trail. You’ll be exercising, talking and laughing, and not emitting fumes like you would if you drove around. Win, win, win! If you live somewhere scenic that offers bike tours, join the fun and see landmarks in a new light.

2. Head to a local farmer’s market and pick your favorites and some new food to try. Then cook an amazing organic lunch or dinner together and enjoy it! You can show off your great cooking skills and enjoy each other’s company instead of having one person cook and sitting down to dinner in front of the TV.

3. Take a nighttime stroll. The cool nighttime breeze, the beautiful stars, and walking hand in hand definitely screams romance!

4. Head to the water for kayaking, sailing, or swimming! If it is a nice, hot day these activities are extra fun.

5. Pack a picnic with your favorite food and wine and head to a local park. Extra points if you bike or walk there!

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  1. Great ideas! When it stops raining around here, I love to do most of the above (haven’t tried kayaking, but I am game).

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