“What’s For Fitness Today?” Tip #17 – Sunday: Day Of Self-Indulgence

girl-getting-pamperedApril 17, 2011

Tip #17

Today we want you to pamper yourself! If you can, try to take the whole day off to make yourself feel beautiful and relaxed. If you are a busy bee like most of us, make time for at least one of our suggestions! Be sure to read yesterday’s post, “Be a Goddess for a Day”.  Don’t feel guilty about doing things for yourself – you deserve it! We do so many things for others, sometimes we forget to do things for ourselves. So have a spa day today – grab a friend or simply enjoy the silence. All of these fancy spa treatments can be done at a salon or spa, or if you want to save some money – do them yourself!

1.) Get a facial at your favorite local spa or do one yourself. If you’re going the solo route, head to a beauty store or even a CVS or Target. Choose a face mask that is tailored to your skin needs. Oily skin drives you crazy? Get a relaxing face mask that cleans up oil. Dry skin? Get a soothing, moisturizing mask. There are so many reasonably priced face masks out there that you’ll find one to fit your facial concerns and budget. Check out how many come up on Ulta.com when simply searching “face masks”.

2.) This one requires a little help from someone else! Pamper yourself with an amazing aromatherapy massage. This might be the thing you splurge on and head out to a spa to get done. You can also visit local chiropractic offices or freelance massage therapists for cheaper massages. Make it an hour and melt away all the stress from the week! Make sure you tell your massage therapist any pain you have or areas you’d like them to concentrate on. Don’t want to spend any money on a massage? Grab your significant other or friend and ask them if they would massage your back, then you can return the favor!

3.) Make your nails sparkle! Head to a nail salon (a local one like Luv) does a mani/pedi combo for only $30) or grab some polish and do it yourself. Don’t forget to exfoliate, moisturize, and clean up your cuticles. If you don’t have the patience or skill for regular nail polish, try some of the new nail stickers that are easy to use and require ZERO drying time.

4.) At the end of your day of pampering, relax in a bubble bath and exfoliate and moisturize your skin thoroughly. Read a book, (The Four Agreements is a beautiful, inspiring choice), listen to music, or watch TV while you soak…anything you want that relaxes you! When you’re done with your day of relaxation, you will feel beautiful inside and out. Now go and sleep as long as you’d like – this will add to your wonderful day! Enjoy!

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