“What’s For Fitness Today?” Tip #16 – Prepare Yourself For A Day Of Being A Goddess!

walk-in-the-parkApril 16, 2011

Tip #16

Tomorrow our tip will be all about pampering yourself, but today is all about being a goddess and being good to yourself! We are bringing you a few recipes for health and delicious meals and snacks, relaxing exercise tips, and ways to enjoy nature and the most important person…you!

Move, Sweat & Rehydrate:

1.) Take a moderate or brisk walk at a nature reserve or local park. Enjoy the beauty of nature, especially in lovely springtime. Listen to your body and go at pace that makes you feel happy and energized.

2.) Head to a local yoga class or practice yoga outdoors (simply bring your laptop outside and follow the moves as you let your feet touch the grass).

3.) Pick a great workout from one of our previous tips this month, such as the Kundalini workout, skipping for joy, squats for bums & thighs, pushups, and stairs! Or watch some of our new YouTube video workouts for step by step instructions!

4.) Be sure to bring water with you to any healthy workout you choose to partake in. Water is essential to re-hydrating you after you sweat out all those toxins!

Make yourself a healthy and delicious post- workout snack:

1. Dairy-free fruit Popsicles


    2 cups of Vanilla soymilk (or milk alternative)
    1.5c pureed strawberries, unsweetened
    1.5c peaches, fresh or frozen, chopped to blend easier
    1 tsp. nutmeg, OPTIONAL
    Blend until completely smooth, pour into popsicle molds, paper cups, ice cube trays, cover and freeze overnight. Store in a zipper bag.


All fruit should be washed prior to cutting.
Peaches and strawberries can be made from frozen or fresh; chop for smoother blending.

PRETTY BASIC: Put everything into the blender and hit the chop botton, once smooth move the speed up to the highest setting until completely smooth. Pour into popsicle molds, paper cups with a plastic spoon, or ice cube trays (cover with plastic wrap).
Freeze 6 hours, or overnight. Place into a zippered bag for storage.
Do not worry about freezer burn, it won’t be around that long.

Number of Servings: 12

2. Spinach and Cheese Burrito


    Spinach, frozen, 2 cup
    Mozzarella cheese, part skim milk, 3 oz
    Salsa, 0.3 cup
    Whole Wheat Tortilla, 3 serving


Heat spinach for two minutes in microwave.
Add salsa and cheese.
Stir and heat another 40 seconds.
Strain excess fluid.
Place in tortilla and roll “burrito style”.

Additional tips:
* use shredded low fat mozzarella or three servings of low-fat string cheese if desired for convenience.
* to reduce sodium, make salsa from scratch by chopping one whole tomato,, hot peppers, and add cilantro to taste.

Number of Servings: 3

3. Poor Man’s Baked Apple


    1 medium fresh apple
    1 Tbsp ground cinnamon


1. core apple and slice into 8 wedges (may also peel if you like)

2. sprinkle with cinnamon

3. microwave on high for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

microwave times vary depending on wattage, and on how soft and warm you want the apple to be. I have a medium size microwave, and 1 minute makes for a soft warm healthy treat.

Number of Servings: 1

Now that you have nourished your body and soul with exercise and good food, how about treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure or a full aromatherapy body massage? Perhaps both if you have the time! If you happen to know someone who will come to your home for these delightful services – go for it!

Your Goddess Finale

Set aside an hour or two in the evening for spa-like luxurious pampering in the comfort of your own home! How wonderful does this indulgence sound?

Recreate your bathroom with your favorite gently scented aromatherapy candles, and sensuous soothing music. Place cool, freshly sliced cucumber over your eyes while soaking in a warm bath infused with delicious essential oils and be sure to use a soft head rest for total relaxation.  Gently exfoliate your entire body with a natural loofah brush. Enjoy a cool rinse followed by a glass of warm lemon water.  Finally, drench your body with your favorite hydrating lotion; wrap yourself up in a warm cozy robe and slip under your sheets with a wonderful book or nothing at all! Sweet dreams………

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