Personal Health Screening: Take Good Care Now And Plan For A Healthy Future!

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Developing a long-term care plan may seem overwhelming with all the options to consider. There is, after all, a lot to think about when it comes to your future home, family, community, legal, financial and health needs. Planning for your future doesn’t have to be scary, though. It’s smart. There are many practical and free steps you can take right now to secure your healthy future. Free health screenings are available at your community health department. Read on and get started now!

Address Your Personal Health Needs

Are you as healthy as you want to be? Do heart disease, cancer, diabetes or any other chronic condition run in your family? Knowing your family’s medical history and any other risks you may have is an important part of managing your own health. Discuss your unique health concerns with your doctor at your regular checkups and screenings. You are getting regular medical checkups – right? If you have  neglected important  yearly visits to the doctor, please get on the phone and make that appointment. Do not put them off any longer! Eating healthy, getting regular check-ups and medical screenings and regular exercise can help protect your health and keep you active for years to come. Maintaining good health now has a lot to do with how independent you will be later on. Check with your local health department for free health screening. Also, look for the AARP Walgreens Free Wellness Tour in your city.

A few health screenings to consider:

Dental cleanings and check-ups

Breast exams

Bone density

Thyroid test


Hearing test

Blood sugar, Diabetes screening

Eye exams

Full body check by your dermatologist for skin cancers

Regular physical with your family doctor – (CBC, EKG, blood pressure, hormone levels, cholesterol, Vitamin D)

Cardiac stress test

For existing health issues – make sure you are current with specific exams and screening tests – don’t procrastinate!

Many serious health conditions and complications can be avoided by visiting your health care provider on a regular basis. Your health and your life is very precious – just ask anyone who loves you!

Once again – do not delay. Be Fit For Your Future!

With love – Allison

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