“What’s For Fitness Today?” Tip #11 – Doing Things For Others Makes You Feel Good Too

Volunteer-your-time-feel-happyApril  11, 2011

Tip #11

Volunteering and being of service to others is one of those things you always say you’ll do but never make the time. Today your goal is to make time to help others! Volunteering your time to help those less fortunate is a great way to boost your self-confidence and happiness and spread some love around your community. There are so many different ways to help out; there is something for everyone!

Professor Paul Whiteley, from the University of Essex in Colchester, whose team produced the findings, says research has revealed an interesting link between helping others and enjoying a good quality of life: “It seems that when we focus on the needs of others, we may also reap benefits ourselves. Voluntary activity in the community is associated with better health, lower crime, improved educational performance and greater life satisfaction.”

Now that you’re thinking about helping others, think local. There is always someone who needs help and you can volunteer at a place that interests or tugs at your heartstrings the most. Check out your local libraries, hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, social service agencies, youth centers, churches and other places of worship, food banks, political headquarters, nature centers, parks, and nonprofits.

Want a different experience? A great way to volunteer and get away is to plan a volunteering vacation. Participate in a retreat put on by your place of worship or choose a place you’d like to visit and help out there. An example is to join up with Habitat For Humanity and go help build a home in a disaster-stricken area. Plan a few days to help out and a few days to relax afterwards. It will be a vacation to remember, we promise!

Looking for something easier and less time-consuming? Check out these volunteering tips that won’t take a lot of time out of your day!

1. Working with animals — Head to a local pet shelter or The Humane Society and ask about volunteering opportunities. You can play with some cute puppies and help feed and clean up after them. It won’t even feel like work!

2. Volunteering at a nearby school — Classrooms always need an extra helper or tutor. Volunteer your great math skills to help some kids or even help out in the office or lunchroom.

3. Helping the aged — Help out someone you know that is older and lonely. Even talking with them for an hour will help them feel better. Even better, offer to do their grocery shopping or clean their house for them.

4. Fundraising — Pick your favorite charity and offer to do some fundraising for them. Plan an event, such as a bowling party and have fun while you earn money for the charity you have passion for!

5. Pick up litter — Head to your favorite beach, park, or even to the side of the road and just start cleaning up trash. You’ll feel satisfied you cleaned up your area with pride!

Tell us ways you love to volunteer and help others and how it makes you feel better about yourself!

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  1. Great suggestions Lauren – I have learned first hand that helping others is deeply satisfying and rewarding. Being of service to others evokes feelings of inner joy and peace that are everlasting!

  2. I agree, too. I have always volunteered and tried to provide care for anyone who needed it. It does make you feel good, and it helps to provide a different perspective on life.

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