What’s For Fitness? Tip #10 It’s Sunday; Rest, Relax & Rejoice in Your Choice!

“And God created the earth in six days… and on the 7th day he rested.” This is what I was taught in Sunday school many years back!

I’m not certain if this biblical quote is accurate, my point is; even God himself or herself, (depending upon your belief system) recognized the importance of  spiritual refreshment and taking at least ONE day of the week off. So, for most countries around the world, that day is Sunday!  And as luck may have it – today is Sunday!

How wonderful it is to have a day of the week that is universally recognized as a day to sit back, relax, and recharge?

Whether you’re planning your Sunday brunch, taking a Sunday drive, staring at the walls, visiting friends and relatives or watching Sunday morning news shows, chances are you have your own Sunday ritual. It’s the first day of the week, and for many, it’s their favorite day. Some people will choose to do absolutely nothing; at least this is what they say they do. Absolutely nothing? What is this? How does a person do nothing- short of being unconscious?

I believe this is simply an expression, which may mean staying in bed all day and watching movies or reading a book. (Nothing wrong with that!). Or, hanging around in our pajamas, taking care of household stuff, catching up on phone calls and emails, snuggling with your honey and kids – all good stuff!

“I don’t think Sunday will ever be like every other day of the week. It’s a special day. And it will remain a special day,” says author Stephen Miller. For Miller, the best thing about Sunday is that it is a day of rest. “That it’s a day when you don’t have to do things, when you can just lie around, see people if you want, or not see people.”

And seeing people is a Sunday activity that Americans enjoy. According to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40 percent of us socialize on Sundays, but twice as many – eight out of ten – sit back and watch TV, an average of four hours. And then there’s church and synagogue: one in four attends religious services. And about that same number goes shopping. I’m definitely a part of this statistic – I love sunday shopping!

For me, Sunday is about not having a plan and being okay with that! That’s not to say I won’t take my dogs for a walk or go for a swim. I may hit the grocery store or Nordstrom, cook dinner, write an article or two, even clean out my closets. Whatever it is or isn’t – I won’t plan it!

This is want I want you to do today; whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like doing it or not. Just be okay with your choice! Rest, Relax and Rejoice in your Choice!

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  1. Yes, this is something we all need to emphasize–down time, break time, rest time, free time—time to just ‘BE.’

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