The Compassionate Touch of Oncology Massage

Undergoing treatment for cancer can be an intensely harsh experience for one’s body, mind and sprit. Patients are routinely subjected to being poked, prodded, medicated, radiated and infused often leaving the patient highly disconnected to their own being. On a more spiritual level a diagnosis leads the patient to question the very essence of their core. All these changes and uncertainties can be extremely taxing on an individual facing this unpredictable journey. A diagnosis of cancer can be an optimum time for a deeply soul soothing bodywork session by a trained oncology massage professional. The therapist trained in oncology massage understands the sensitive needs of the client at this time. The therapist can gently guide the client into a state of balance using compassionate touch techniques designed to help the client achieve a feeling of peace and relaxation. The client can feel comfortable knowing the therapist has specialized training in this modality and is adept at understanding the pathology and various treatments of cancer. After a detailed intake evaluation the therapist will design a tailored session for each client based on the nature of each individuals point in his or her own personal journey. During the bodywork session the client can expect to feel nurtured and enveloped in a cocoon of tenderness from the therapist’s massage often resulting in a great feeling of tranquility. After the massage is completed the client may rest on the massage table in solitude to collect his or her thoughts and to bask in the afterglow of the serene impressions of the session. As a trained oncology massage therapist I am certain bodywork at this unsure time in a person’s life can be just the remedy they may need.

Jennifer Duval CMT has been offering healing and trans-formative bodywork for over 10 years. She is passionate about her work and is committed to helping her clients achieve optimum wellness through her compassionate touch and depth of knowledge in the healing arts. She can be reached at Tricho Salon and Spa at 12 oaks mall. 248 305-9436

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