Find Your Signature Strengths: Be Your Own Cheerleader!

happy-exuberant-womanStatistics say 80% of women are unhappy with what they see in the mirror – well over half of us! We all have times of self-doubt and fall into the trap of hating our bodies or our looks, but don’t make it a habit! So today’s tip is all about letting your inner beauty and confidence shine.

Find Your Signature Strengths

Make a list of all of your passions, skills, and characteristics that represent you at your best. These are the inner qualities that make people look at you and say “Wow!”. We all have amazing qualities that make us a great person but we often forget what people see. Think hard and start writing – your list could range from being a great cook to being a fabulous motivator to others.

Once you’ve made your list of inner strengths, make one of your outer beauty! Make a list of all the things you like about yourself on the outside and don’t you dare focus on things you may dislike. Write down your beautiful sparkling eyes and your toned arms everyone compliments you on. Next time you look in the mirror and you’re feeling low, take out these two lists and remember all your beautiful qualities and strengths! Even better – post those lists next to that darn mirror!

Now, stand in front of the mirror. Your first instinct may be to think “I need to lost 10 lbs.” or “My nose is way too big” but zap those thoughts before they come into your mind. Promise yourself that you’re done with the self-bashing and promise to love yourself. Think about your boyfriend, husband, friends, or loved one. We love those people for all of their looks and qualities – why can’t we do this with ourselves? If reading your lists to yourself isn’t quite working yet, think back to all the compliments you’ve received. Chances are remembering back to when your co-worker complimented your hair or outfit will bring a smile to your face and a new spring into your step.

Lastly, take some tips from “America’s Next Top Model” last season. Advocating against bullying, they thought of a bully word and turned it into a power word. Do the same! Think about a word you use to bully yourself and spin it into a positive word (see the picture above for an example from the show!).

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  1. Written affirmations work! Some kind person posts these all over certain areas at my job, and they make me feel good.

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