Attend A Virtual Book Launch of “My Style, My Way”

Lena-Piskorowski-my-style-my-way-bookHi good people!

I am inviting you to the virtual book launch for My Style, My Way.

Each co-author will be interviewed on a specific day. You can listen in and learn more about that particular image consultant and her topic in the book. There will also be a short Q & A session at the end of each talk. Listen to any (cough: my interview) or all co-authors–it’s your choice!

This should be a fun event in which you’ll learn tips on how to take your style up a notch, no matter what your age, shape or phase in life.

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(formal invite below)

I am celebrating and you are invited to my free virtual book launch tele-summit.

I am a co-author in a new book entitled, My Style, My Way. This is an incredible resource to support you in creating your best personal style.

To celebrate the release of this new book, myself and the other co-authors are hosting a free My Style, My Way, Virtual Book Launch Tele-Summit.

This six-week tele-summit will serve as an incredible opportunity for you to take yourself on an amazing journey of self-discovery, where you can gain great insight and boost your style and confidence.

Real Solutions for Your Personal Style Success!

Each co-author will be interviewed on her book topic. I will be presenting on my chapter, International Departures, Domestic Arrivals.

April 6th

3 pm Pacific Time
(6 pm Eastern / 5 pm Central / 2 pm Mountain)

Everyone can use a personal style boost. We can all benefit from great ideas that will make us look and feel better. Won’t you join us?

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We are excited about this great book, My Style, My Way, and we hope you will celebrate with us by joining us for our virtual book launch tele-summit.

If you want to look and feel better every day, join us.

Check out Lena’s website, DRESS LP.

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