“What’s For Fitness Today” April Moves – Tip # 4 Push-Ups!

April 4, 2011  Tip # 4

pushups-upper-body-strength-fitness-workout-strong-womenYes, you read it correctly – PUSH-UPS! Anyone who knows me, knows this: Push-ups are the quintessential upper-body exercise for everyone! Why? Push-ups affect your entire upper body in one movement; without equipment and they can be done anywhere. Think about the muscles that engage while performing a push-up; chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps – even your core/abdominal, mid and low back muscles. Push-ups done on your toes will also recruit leg, butt, ankle and foot muscles – impressive, don’t you think?

Push-ups are empowering too! Why? Because they make you feel strong, confident and capable on the inside. Anyone who exercises regularly will tell you this: Working out is as important for your mind and mood as it is for your muscles, general health and weight management.  A healthy strong body = a healthy mind!

I could go on and on about the value of push-ups; instead I want you to read the articles I have written on the subject and watch a video demonstrating proper form and various modifications – Deal?  Click here! video-equipment-free-exercise-the-push-up and here power-up-push-up

Today I want you to begin with 10 push-ups. I do not care how you get them done – just DO them. You will only get stronger by trying! Five pushups in the morning and five before bed is acceptable. Being that I tend to push the envelope; I would prefer you do 10 push-ups in the morning and 10 more in the evening! I promise you will love yourself for the great effort! Be Fit For your Future!

You can do this!

With love, Allison

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