Lions, Tigers, And Bears…Oh My!

lions-tigers-bears-noahs-ark-rescue-centerWhat do bears, lions and tigers have in common? They are all carnivores, right? Right! Yet in a personal and unusual case they are closely bonded pals, true brothers, actually.

Eight years ago in a drug bust in Atlanta these three were found as two -month old cubs living in a drug house. For drug lords, housing these types of wild animals is status.  Once the drug ring was busted up the animals were taken to safety, namely Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue Center, www.noah’ in Locust Grove, Georgia. It was decided then that the three should stay together since they had bonded to one another so strongly. “We could have separated them, but since they came as a kind of family, the zoo decided to keep them together,” said Diane Smith, assistant director of Noah’s Ark.

Having been at the rescue haven now for over eight years, the three have acquired names and a “purpose-built habitat to live out their lives as happily and naturally as possible. Named Baloo (the bear), Leo (the lion) and Shere Kahn (the tiger) they mess around like siblings almost all day long.

Baloo, who weighs 1000 pounds, and Leo and Shere Kahn, each weighing 350, have no idea that in the wild they would be mortal enemies. In fact Baloo and Shere Kahn spend most of the day together, each rising early, while Leo slumbers away almost all of the morning.

Charles and Jama Hedgecoth are the rescue center’s handlers and owners. Seeing a Black bear and Bengal Tiger chum around and nuzzle up to one another is all these two amazing people need to know they have done a wonderful thing.  “They eat, sleep and play together,” said Jama. “As they treat each other as siblings they will lie on top of each other for heat and simply for affection.”

As for their home, sounds luxurious to me. They have a creek for the water lovers, the tiger and bear, beautiful grassy and natural areas to lounge and linger in and a sturdy built hardwood home/clubhouse with plenty of room inside to mess around, until feeding time, that is!

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  1. What a sweet story!

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    We would like to plan a trip to see the animals. What do we need to do?

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