Join Us on a 30 Day Journey to Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Spirit with April Moves!

workout-fitness-daily-tips-exercise-womnen's-healthLadies! It’s time to shed the winter blah’s and all the stuff that’s been weighing you down for the past 5 months!  Tomorrow, April 1, marks the start of  ”What’s For Fitness” – 30 days of  100 calorie or more daily fitness moves to get your body burning fat, building lean muscle and stretching your flexibility! We may even throw in a few healthy eating and attitude tips! is all about inspiring, educating and empowering you to Be Fit For Your Future! So, ready or not – here you come! Join us on this rejuvenating journey to strengthen your body, mind and spirit! We are so excited to get started!

In preparation for tomorrow’s first tip here’s your assignment:

1- Throw out all the junk in your cupboards that you’ve been keeping cozy and crazy with this winter! That’s right- chips, cookies, crackers, high sugar cereals and candy. I’m not suggesting that you never eat these less healthy foods again – but do they really need to be IN YOUR FACE everyday? Give yourself a break!

2- Take a good look at your workout shoes! Are they broken down and lifeless? Wrecking havoc on your: feet, ankles, knees, hips and back? Not sure? Take them with you to the store (Dunham’s has a fabulous new selection & great discount coupons) ask the shoe experts. I’m loving the fun new colors in shoes this season. Sometimes “new” for the sake of fun and feel goodness is okay! While you’re at the store pick up a clip-on pedometer – you will be needing it!

3- Get a girlfriend, spouse (good luck with this one) or journal to help keep you motivated, supported and accountable on your ‘Be Fit For Your Future’ journey this month!

4- Set a glass of H20 on your night stand and be ready to make “all gone” before you step foot out of your bed!

5- Look in the mirror and smile at yourself! Get used to this; there will be more to come…..

I will be seeing YOU in the morning – every morning this month!

Always with love –


Jumping on board with us today? Fabulous! Check out what we’ve been up to!

“Be Fit For Your Future” & Celebrate Your Strength! Today’s Tip #1 – TAKE THE STAIRS!

“What’s For Fitness?” With April Moves! Tip # 2 – Wear A Pedometer Everyday!

“What’s For Fitness Today?” Tip #3- Read “The Four Agreements”

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  1. Allison – I’m ready and with you! As long as I don’t have to raise my arm over my head, I’m all in! BTW – you are the best!

  2. Love the junk food quote…do they really need to be “IN YOUR FACE” everyday!” Can’t wait to be with all the girls outside again!!

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