Love Your Body!

hollis-love-your-body-campgain-winnerHalf of girls age 3 to 6 complain about being fat.

By the fourth grade, more than 80 percent of girls have tried a fad diet.

Research shows that after watching TV and reading magazines, women feel less self-confident.

But the NOW Foundation is fighting back. Our groundbreaking Love Your Body campaign to stop the spread of unrealistic beauty ideals is making a difference in girls’ and women’s lives. Now, we’re asking for your financial support to keep growing this vital campaign.

Last month, the Love Your Body campaign partnered with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week to launch a project of our own: Let’s Talk About It. From plus-size models Kate Dillon and Chenese Lewis to actress Lynn Chen and author Nancy Redd, we launched a video campaign to share stories of hope about body image and encourage other women and girls to start speaking up. Their stories are empowering and inspiring!

Through our hugely popular annual poster contest, we send thousands of free or below-cost posters to community health centers, high schools and college campuses for their Love Your Body Day events each year.

And soon, we’ll have a special plenary devoted to the Love Your Body campaign at the 2011 National NOW Conference in Tampa this June. We are able to do all of this because of your generous support.

The Love Your Body campaign offers tangible ways to fight back against advertisers and the media and build society-wide solutions to negative images of women in our culture. I’m asking for your support to help us keep it going, and growing — please donate today.

terry-oneill-now-foundation-president For women and girls,
Terry O’Neill
NOW Foundation President

P.S. It was my honor to present on the sexualization of women and girls in the media at a session at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 2011. Women around the world look up to the Love Your Body campaign. Please help today.


Courtesy of Love Your Body Day from NOW Foundation.

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