Greener By The Minute: Easiest Ways To Go Green

going-green-eco-friendly-tips-easyToday we’re sharing with you the top 10 “idiot-proof eco tips” from our favorite environmentally conscious website, The Daily Green. These tips are great for those wanting to start being “greener” but aren’t really sure where to start!

1. No more idling: Stop idling your car’s engine and conserve your gas AND your vehicle. Idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than is needed for startup. Overall, Americans idle away 2.9 billion gallons of gas a year, worth around $78.2 billion.

2. Turn off your computer: This goes for other electronics too. Turn them off when you’re not using them, especially while you’re sleeping. You’ll save an average of $90 of electricity a year.

3. Sign up for green energy: More than half of all electricity consumers in the U.S. now have the option of purchasing green power from their utility. Find out how you can buy it by visiting the Department of Energy’s state-by-state list of providers. You can also check with your own utility company to see what’s available.

4. Turn down that thermostat: It won’t kill you, really. Most households spend 50 to 70% of their energy budgets on heating and cooling. Even one degree higher in the summer and one lower in the winter helps!

5. Wash it cold: Turn the dial to most of your laundry loads on cold. 90% of energy used by washing machines goes into heating! Save water and money by washing in cold.

6. Pay bills online: Save money and time by paying all your bills online. Not only will you save a stamp, the paper it takes, but you’ll also save the fossil fuel to get those envelopes from place to place. Plus, with email reminders it makes it easier than ever to remember to pay your bills.

7. Stop junk mail for good: Around 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water are used to send junk mail to Americans every year, according to You can stop 75% of unsolicited mail by registering on the Mail Preference Service on the Direct Marketing Association Website (for a fee of $1). Within 90 days, most unsolicited mail will stop.

8. Print on both sides: If you have to print something off of your computer, learn how to print on both sides. It is easy and saves paper!

9. Carpool: Whether you carpool to work or to a fun event, try to do it as often as possible to save fuel. Plus, roads trips are always fun with a friend! If you really want to go green, ride your bike or walk.

10. Go hormone-free: Look for milk that has been certified organic or carries the words “no artificial hormones.” Conventional dairies inject cows with synthetic recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), aka bovine somatotropin (rbST), to boost production. The practice has been implicated in udder infections, requiring more veterinary antibiotic use, and is banned in many countries. Some scientists worry the hormones may affect consumers.

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