Ashiatsu: The Deepest And Most Luxurious Massage In The World!

ashiatstu-massage-deep-tissueDo you love deep tissue massage but find that afterward you are sore and achy from the therapist digging their elbow or thumb in your knots?

Then Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage is for you!

The first thing you may notice about Ashiatsu pronounced (ASHI-AT-SU) that is different from regular Swedish massage, is the two parallel bars that are mounted on the ceiling over the massage table. The therapist uses these bars to balance herself while she uses her feet to perform long and deep strokes assisted by varying her pressure to your personal preference. The difference between Ashiatsu and deep tissue massage is the therapist is using the broad plane of her feet to free the body of any constrictions in the tissues while regular deep tissue massage uses the therapists thumbs and elbows to deliver a targeted heavy pressure on a knot, often resulting in inflammation and bruising. I recently performed an Ashiatsu massage on a fellow therapist who had never experienced this type of work. After the massage was completed she reported that she felt as if she was floating and to her delight all her back pain and constrictions were gone! She was so pleased with the results that she is now planning to become an Ashiatsu practitioner herself! Ashiatsu is derived from various indigenous cultures including India, China and Thailand and westernized by the founder of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Ruthie Hardee. She has made this modality accessible for therapists worldwide for use in the highest caliber spas including Canyon Ranch. I’m aware that clients find it hard to try something new and unfamiliar but rest assured after receiving this treatment just one time most clients never go back to traditional hands on massage, because in the words of founder Ruthie Hardee “Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is truly the deepest and most luxurious in the world”. Do yourselves a favor and try a massage you will never forget. You will not be sorry you did.

Jennifer Duval CMT has been offering healing and trans-formative bodywork for over 10 years. She is passionate about her work and is committed to helping her clients achieve optimum wellness through her compassionate touch and depth of knowledge in the healing arts. She can be reached at Tricho Salon and Spa at 12 oaks mall. 248 305-9436

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  1. Hi Allison, I’m a therapist who recently became an Ashiatsu graduate. While we were in class, obviously we had to practice on each other, and while I was on the table, I remember thinking “I may never want anyone to massage me with hands again”. So far the word I’m hearing from my regular clients who’ve taken a chance to try this is “awesome!”. This really is an amazing modality.

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