Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home

Woman-Blowing-Nose-allergiesSpring is quickly approaching and that means sunshine, happier days, and better weather. It also means more allergies floating in the air and if you’re an allergy sufferer like me, it means certain days you might be miserable. So we’re bringing you some tips on getting all those allergens out of your home so you can breathe easier!

1. Recycle! A messy home filled with old newspapers, magazines, grocery bags, and paper gives dust mites, bugs, mold, and mice a nice place to live. Be sure to keep these things outside and recycle regularly.

2. Vacuum at least every week. Dust mites and pet dander love to settle down in carpet so make sure you vacuum. Also use a Swiffer on your wood floors because dust tends to clump in corners.

3. Mites and mold don’t only love carpet, they also love bedding. Make sure you wash yours regularly in extremely hot water!

4. Your bathroom and basement walls are prone to being moist and well, moldy! Keep them clean by wiping them with a chlorine-bleach solution.

5. Crumbs and garbage are an invitation to bugs and mice. Not only do you not want these critters in your home, but their droppings also carry allergens that can make you even sicker. Just avoid dropping food or clean it up ASAP to avoid all the nasty problems that come with bugs and other creepy crawlies.

6. We all love to open our windows when the weather gets nicer, but open windows invite pollen and ragweed indoors. Try to keep windows shut between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. which are high-pollen-count hours. Make sure to change your AC or heater filters monthly too!

7. Fight basement mold by using a dehumidifier set between 35 and 45 percent humidity. It is a low cost way to keep your basement clean and dry.

8. Keep track of your houseplants. Their leaves can grow moldy bringing allergies into your home. Be sure to stay on top of the care of any houseplants you keep in your home.

9. Pets can be one of the first causes of allergies in the house. Pet dander and saliva are the biggest problems pets can bring to allergy sufferers. Wash and brush your pet outside regularly to keep it in check. Also try to keep your pets out of the bedroom to lower the allergen level while you sleep.

10. Lastly, dust weekly! A simple dusting around the house and washing well-used fabrics in hot water will decrease your allergy suffering significantly.

Information courtesy of The Huffington Post.

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