Traps From The Supermarket To Avoid

supermarket-traps-grocery-store-foodTo make smart choices at the market, here are some simple, but healthier ways to make the best of your shopping choices.

Fruits/Veggies: To eat healthy veggie and fruit choices and save a little money, you can mix fresh with frozen and get the benefits, if you can afford to buy organic fresh and frozen its better,  but don’t panic if you can’t. You can soak your produce (anything that you would eat the whole food with skin) even tomatoes, berries, lettuce, etc. can be cleaned this way in a tub of water with a teaspoon or two of Kosher Salt for five minutes.  This removes alot of the residues and dirt and with rinsing, does not stick to the food.

When choosing your fruits and veggies, notice if they look like they been sitting there awhile, or are too soft, wilted or bruised. That means the vitamin content will be just about gone too.  Better to opt for frozen in that case, since they are flash frozen to retain their nutrients.

Canned Goods: Read the nutrient facts on the can’s label to check for added sodium and sugar. Choose organic if possible, or at least no/low sodium and no added sweetener like corn syrup solids or sugars. If your market does not have them, rinse before eating to lower those levels.

Breads/Grains: Just because a bread product says, “made with whole grains” does not mean it would not be refined grain which is no where as healthy. Make sure the label says “100% whole grains”, where none of the product is refined.

Snack Foods in Packages: Its still junk food with empty calories if it has trans fat and alot of sodium and sugar. Even if the product says, “added vitamins and minerals” chances are the actual amount of nutrients is low. Instead, make up your own small zip lock baggie of natural nuts, seeds and dried fruits and take them with you in your car or bag.

Dairy Products: Yogurts and Smoothies can be deceiving too if you don’t watch the label for the sugar content amount. It should be very low or not at all, or else its no better than eating a candy bar. Choose Greek natural yogurt and add fresh fruit or non-sugary jam to give you the sweetness you crave in your Smoothie or Yogurt.

Meats: A beef product containing the label “90% lean” can be misleading too. It could still have 10 grams of fat (4.5 which would be artery clogging saturated). Instead look for ground beef and steaks that 95-99% lean.  Also look for labels that say “Select” which is the leanest, followed by “Choice” and then “Prime” being the highest in fat.

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