lena-piskorowski-dresslpI had to. This title is my attempt to reuse one of Charlie Sheen’s Chuck Norris-isms; I may be stretching it here. What I want to write about now is how to create a winning look.

Last weekend was the start of the People StyleWatch spring trend event; one down, three more weekends to go! We were busy nonstop and while standing for 8 hours in 5 inch heels dressed in summer apparel (as it snowed outside) did leave me exhausted at the end of the day, it was so much fun!

Having one-on-one consultations, you learn a lot about a person.

  • ‘I lost 100 lbs this year.’
  • ‘I graduated and couldn’t find a job. I got so depressed; I gained 20 lbs.’
  • All I have is bar clothes and I don’t know how to outfit this post-college me!’
  • ‘I’ve been raising 3 children and only wear flats. I don’t know how to walk in heels and I’m going on a cruise next week.’
  • ‘I am finished with chemotherapy and don’t want to wear a wig anymore, but I need to do something with my lack of hair/head.’
  • ‘You probably can’t tell but I’m a 34 E bra size; under this sweatshirt I have on 2 bras and 3 t-shirts. I want a breast reduction but my boyfriend won’t let me.’
  • And lastly, ‘Can you help me find an outfit for a wedding in the Caribbean? My boyfriend’s friend is getting married. His ex is going to be there. I’ve never met her. I want to look hot!!’

People are so interesting. And not to get all deep here, but really, everyone is unique.

There was one consultation in particular that I know many can relate to. ‘I am so matchy-matchy! How can I branch out?’

shoes-heels-studded-pumpsThis lady paired her outfits and accessories in a very literal interpretation. When we chatted, she had on a black t-shirt, grey cardigan, grey jeans, black boots, silver jewelry. I showed her that the easiest way to ‘mix it up’ but still match is to play with texture. So, I encouraged her to swap out her black ankle boots, for these studded pumps. Same color scheme, but the embellishment gives it an un-matchy-matchy dose of pop! (Side note: I love these shoes. They’re sleek from the front and then as you walk away, give off that need for a double-take.)

Or for warmer weather, pair her black/grey ensemble with snakeskin shoes or handbag. (Again, not both!)

One of the ‘trends’ for Spring/Summer is bold colors. I feel odd calling that a trend as warmer weather always lends itself to brighter colors. Anyhow, mixing colors also ‘works’. Turquoise, coral, yellow, magenta, wearing several at once can work especially if you break up the bold colors with an (animal) print, accessory or bag. Texture (quilted, woven/straw for example) also compliments the look. This method of outfit creation can be confusing…but that’s the beauty of it! Everything is clashing, yet it isn’t! (Is your brain hurting yet? :))

A hand-holding guide to mixing bold colors, use the color wheel to ensure the right combination. Complimentary colors (opposites) work with one another. (I.E. Red & Green-Christmas colors etc)

Lastly, mixing patterns is another approach to avoid ‘matchy-matchy’. However, this is for the die-hard mix masters. As with every aspect of dressing well, only do what you feel comfortable with (physically and physchologically). Nothing pains me more than seeing someone wear something because they feel they are ‘supposed to.’ Take risks, play around with your clothes and remember, your shoes and purse do not have to match!

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