Boost Your Brain With A.Word.A.Day 17th Anniversary Week!

dictionary-words-wordsmith-lettersAre you someone who looks forward to learning a new word a day? Crazy about crosswords? Ever actually sat down and read the dictionary? Even if you’ve never done any of these things, is a pretty cool website. Today, March 14th, celebrates the 17th anniversary of and A.Word.A.Day started by Anu Garg. This week, each word of the day will be 17 letters long! The first 17-lettered word is predestinarianism.




noun: Belief in the doctrine of predestination, that the divine will has predetermined the course of events, people’s fate, etc.


“I have reacquainted myself with the old taste of Scottish predestinarianism. Y’know, damned or saved; nothing to do with free will or good works.”

Alexander Linklater; The Tale of the Three Alcoholics; The Guardian (London, UK); Nov 11, 2006.

Garg is also holding a contest on her website. A haiku poem is 17 syllables total, so she is holding a haiku contest!

CONTEST: Define or illustrate each of this week’s words in a haiku using the traditional structure (three lines of 5-7-5 syllables). We’ll select five haiku winners, one for each word. Results will be announced at the end of this week.

PRIZES: Winners will receive one of the following word games:

One Up!

HOW TO ENTER: Email your haiku to by Friday this week. Be sure to include your location (city/state/country).

Here’s an example of a haiku (just don’t try to enter this one!):

ocean of language

seventeen years is only

dipping a toe in

Courtesy of

So check back every day on to see what the new 17-lettered word of the day is and find out what it means. If you love writing poems, go ahead and enter the haiku contest too – be sure to leave them in the comment section. We’d love to see what you came up with!

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  1. I entered! Did you??

    Here’s my poem:
    Springtime rolls in again
    My face lights up from its joy
    So long sad winter

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