A Few Fast & Fabulous Fitness Moves!

Tighter Buns & Thighs, A Strong Core, &  Beautiful Toned Arms Are In Your Future

workout-plank-position-exercise-fitness-boot-campWhat’s new with personal fitness workouts these days? Boot camp style training is all the rage and with good reason! Tough economic times, have inspired many personal trainers to move away from the typical one-on-one personal training format in favor of less expensive group sessions.

Working out in a small group ( 3-6 people) definitely has it’s advantages; a little bit of competition and support from fellow exercisers can be a  great motivator!  You will still get plenty of attention from your trainer, have a great time and you might make a new friend . Sounds good to me!

If you’re curious as to what fitness boot camp training sessions are all about, consider just a handful of moves often used to deliver tighter buns, toned arms, a strong core and the boost in confidence that often comes with this intense style of training!

Squat Cycles:

Squats are as old as fitness itself, but they remain a staple for personal training sessions because they are a great way to firm up the buns and thighs. You can do them in any leg position, but many personal trainers running fitness boot camp classes and training sessions put them into cycles utilizing different leg positions for maximum impact.

For instance, you may start out squatting with your legs together then jump your legs as wide apart as you can comfortably go for a plie squat, jumping them back together to end with another set of squats with your legs together. Try this for a minute – no stopping! Good stuff!

Walking Lunges:

Lunges are also used in fitness boot camps around the country to target the buns and thighs. Lunging also enhances balance and flexibility. You step one leg forward and bend both legs down toward the ground, raising back up and swinging the back leg out in front to squat down again. You keep going, often lunging your way across an open parking lot or from any start point to a given end point. Holding weights by your side or resting them on your shoulders while lunging amps up the challenge!

My Favorite: CIRCUITS

Making use of circuit movements that work the thighs, buns, arms, chest and many other muscles throughout the body (basically your entire body) one right after the other; is not only fun; it just may be the best method for burning fat, building muscle, increasing over-all strength & stamina – getting you ripped and ready for warmer weather!

For instance, you may start with a set of push ups, followed by a set of walking lunges, followed by bicep curls and finish off with tricep extensions. Repeat this circuit 3 more times with minimal rest between sets. The theory behind this practice is that you give rest to one area of the body while working another, all while still keeping the heart rate up. This is a very effective way to burn off more calories in a shorter period of time while toning those key areas. A skilled and creative personal trainer or fitness instructor can put together an infinite variety of these circuits that can tighten and tone those areas of concern.

Bicycle Crunches:

These are an effective form of crunches because they target the upper and lower abdominal muscles. You start in typical crunch position with your legs raised up, one out straight and one bent in toward the chest. As you crunch up you rotate the legs in and out as if pedaling a bike. Beginners can point their extended leg up to the ceiling, but the more you can lower it to point toward the wall the more intense the crunches will be.

Plank Position:

This is a position that uses the core muscles to stabilize the entire body, so it is performed by reaching correct position and holding for at least 60 seconds, though some students participating in fitness boot camp style training can hold this position push-up for 2 minutes or more.  Be inspired not intimidated by their stamina! Just keep trying and practicing. You WILL get stronger and tougher in no time! Plank position is basically a static push-up position. The only difference is that you’re on your forearms instead of your hands. You just have to make sure to keep your rear end down but not too much so that your body is completely straight as a plank. If you push up too much you will end up with your butt in the air, which is not as challenging for your core. Make sure you are breathing as you never want to hold you breath with this static and strenuous exercise.

These are just a few of my fitness favorites. There will be more to come as the weather gets it’s act together and we start taking our workouts outdoors. Stay in touch with Askinyourface.com for your mini yet mighty boot camp style workouts. Guaranteed to take your workout to a whole new level of fun and results!

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