10 Ways To Increase Your Brain Power NOW!

Cross-train-your-brain-sharpen-your-brain-power1. Don’t try to multi-task if you can help it! Scientific studies show that our brains can’t handle it and can only focus on one thing at a time. Anything that requires concentration or is very important, give it your full focus.

2. Exercise your body AND your brain. Play crossword puzzles or Sudoku, practice an instrument, a new skill or language to keep your brain on its toes.

3. Act like a journalist. In journalism school, I was taught to question EVERYTHING. Do the same and become more curious! It will train your brain to think more and not just accept everything as it is.

4. Use both hemispheres of the brain. Figure out which one is your dominant hemisphere. The left side is for more analytical things such as math problems and the right is all about creativity. Which do you think you use more?

5. Learn your sleeping patterns. They say the average person needs around 8 hours to function great during the day, but everyone is different! You might need more or less, so figure out how much sleep you need to be at your best.

6. While studying or learning important information, start pacing. This doesn’t mean you’re nervous, it actually helps your brain! If you are reading a book, start pacing. Movement gets the blood flowing and this helps oxygenate your brain.

7. Now, exercise your body! Exercise has been shown to help memory and brain activity. Exercise now has so many benefits, it hurts you not to start working out!

8. Be social! Staying social active and surrounding yourself with good people has been shown to keep your brain sharp well into old age.

9. Search the web. Going through the Internet and learning will help your brain stay active and keep you interested in the world.

10. Eat dark chocolate! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: dark chocolate is good for you. It contains Dopamine which aids in learning and memory.

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