2011 Academy Award Fashion: Hits And Misses

You read as I gave you all the info. leading up to the 2011 Academy Awards and you read as I blogged LIVE while watching. In that recap, you may have already read some of the dresses I loved from this night, but now I’ll bring you my favorite fashions and the ones I hated with pictures! Tell me if you agree or disagree…

First we will get out of the way the dresses I thought were TERRIBLE:


1. Cate Blanchett: For me this was the worst of the night. The bottom of it is pretty, but I just don’t get the top! And the random yellow that looks like pollen dripped on her shoulders? Weird.

2. Nicole Kidman: She does look classy as always, but I’m just not lovin’ the design.

3. Helen Bonham Carter: She always goes for the eclectic look and this is probably as toned down as she is going to get. But why show off a British flag on your leg? At least she has matching shoes this time, I guess.

Now for the looks I LOVED (there were many more good looks tonight than bad!):


1. Mellisa Leo: Her dress was very different and unique and I loved it! The tiny mirrors on the dress just make her skin glow.

2. Mila Kunis: I think this was my favorite dress of the night! It was vintage and soft looking and shows just the right amount of skin. It was very pretty on her.

3. Scarlett Johansson: I also loved her dress. It was totally covered in the front and showed a lot of back and was also classically vintage looking.

4. Newcomer Jennifer Lawrence: This dress is very simple and chic and fits her body perfectly! You can’t go wrong with classic and simple sometimes.

5. Mandy Moore: She wore this dress during her performance. The color is beautiful (Anne Hathaway wore something similar at one part of the show also) and I love the skirt of it.

So what did you think? Do you agree or disagree with me on any of these looks? Want to talk about anyone’s dress that I missed? Be sure to comment!

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