A Southern Road Trip & A Copper Bracelet

Lena-piskorowski-dress-lp-blogI’ve just gotten back from a week long road trip. While some would rather ship their car and hire a moving company, my cousin and I chose to do the relocating ourselves–packing up her Jeep and driving from Ft. Myers, FL to Glendale, AZ. That’s right baseball fans, from one spring training field to another! (My cousin is one of the best athletic trainers in the sport and yes, she happens to be one of four girls working in the league.)

Somehow managing to sneak in a few shopping trips, there’s a particular find that I want to highlight as we hugged the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ve been a bit of a bracelet maniac over the past several years. Which instantly just made me reach for my earlobes to see if they are still pierced…

Moving on: as we scoped out Uncommon Objects in Austin, we quickly realized this vintage shoppe was all over the place. I say that with admiration and exhaustion. I definitely recommend the store, but only for those that enjoy a hunt and are not on a mission for anything in particular. It needed to be a bit more edited for my liking.

As I wandered around the mini nooks, I found myself realistically plotting where I would put that fish ashtray in my house (?).

It was after being sickened by the snakes’ skin display that I realized I was being ridiculous and should head over to the jewelry, where I have a better eye.

I found this copper cuff bracelet. It was different than any of the antique gems and metals I’ve seen and since I don’t own anything copper, I was sold! To solidify this beauty, flash forward to a few days later in the cab going to the Phoenix airport. The driver described (over 20 minutes) how his side biz is collecting silver. He went on about the bullion value of each metal, inflation and how if you only save nickels, you will be a millionaire! (or at least double its value) (And as for the pennies, the ones printed before 1979 are the ones made with copper and therefore worth keeping.)

So I love my new bracelet. Ta-da. (Have you ever taken a pic of your arm? It’s not that easy…)

As I combed through the chaos, I got to thinking, jewelry is a great purchase to make in a vintage store, but so many people get intimidated by it; it’s hard to know what to expect. For example, when buying something luuuurious like diamonds, you expect to pay a hefty amount. But with costume jewelry, your options range from $15-$650. (These are approximates, people!) How do you decipher between the goods and the crap? If you’re scoping out the merchandise at a vintage shop, you don’t want to overpay on some acrylic piece that you could have gotten at your local Target. You get me? :)

Sharpen your eye when shopping and…

Look for: Uncommon materials & unusual shapes

Pass on: Dyed Cubic Zirconia–or anything pink for that matter. If a cotton candy bauble is what you crave, just follow the pack of tweens at the mall to find the closest Icing. Or if in New Orleans, stop in this store.

Courtesy of DressLP.com.

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